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Grocery Delivery

Top reasons to have your groceries delivered

Do you find it hard to fit grocery shopping into your daily busy weekly schedule? Do you dread toting your toddlers through the aisles of the store? Wild Fields marketplace has just launched a brand-new food delivery service! You may not be sure if food delivery is right for you, however there are many reasons to take advantage of this wonderful service and get grocery delivery!

Save money

When you order food online you will be able to take to choose just what you need. There will be no impulse buying an unnecessary spending. Also if your children aren’t shopping with you, then you will certainly save money on buying items that they “must have”, “need” and “can’t live without”. Grocery delivery will also help you stick to your budget.


Incorporating grocery shopping into your week can be time-consuming and take time away from other activities that we would prefer to be doing. With grocery delivery you can order your food at any time of day, online and at your own convenience. You also have your choice of delivery dates and times that work with your busy schedule. How will you spend your new found extra time?

Meal planning

Ordering food online will help plan better meals for your family. Instead of wandering around the store trying to determine what you need for the week you will be able to look at your cabinets and refrigerator and order right from your own kitchen. Your list will also be saved so that it makes it easier to plan in advance. You can also plan out the items you need for recipes with ease.

Help for when you can’t get to the store

Do you have elderly parents or homebound neighbors? What if you have an injury to yourself and are unable to go to the store easily? For those in need, getting necessary food can be very stressful. Ordering your groceries online and having them delivered directly to you or a person in need will can be a savior.
If you are looking to save time and money, or you are unable to get to the store yourself why don’t you try our new grocery delivery service? It’s simple to sign up online and order exactly what you need. Leave the shopping to Wild Fields Marketplace and your fresh, high-quality food will be delivered right to your door. Click here to order groceries online now!


Can’t Afford Organic?

Organic Foods are more expensive

So what should you buy if you can’t afford organic? Let us guide you through the top 12 Fruits and Veggies you should consider buying organic.

Getting the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is essential for maintaining your health. Sadly, most of the fruits and vegetables you see on grocery stores are full of contaminating toxins such as pesticides, growth hormones and preservatives, which can make you ill.

For this reason alone, it is wise to choose some organic produce for healthy eating because they will actually provide the nutrients necessary for keeping you healthy without adverse side effects. When you can’t afford organic foods, there here are twelve of the best produce to buy organically are:

  1. Berries

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are tender skinned fruits that tend to absorbs toxins right into them. Always handpick or purchase berries that are organic. They are healthier for you and will definitely taste better.

  1. Apples

Most orchards spray pesticides on their apples to keep insects from eating them. Then, right before they go up for sale in grocery stores they are sprayed with waxes as a preservative to keep them shiny and fresh. Pesticides and chemical waxes are known to cause cancer. Part of healthy eating is to eat toxic free foods.

  1. Stone Fruits

Stone fruits are produce with pits in the middle of them such as peaches, plums and nectarines. These fruits have porous skins that absorb harmful toxins farmers spray onto them to keep them growing strong and pest free in orchards. However, these toxins are known to cause autoimmune disorders so it’s best to purchase organic kinds instead.

  1. Celery

Celery sticks are a great snack to munch on for healthy eating when purchased organically from farm stands and grocery stores. They are an outstanding source of fiber, which is essential for proper digestive health.

  1. Cucumbers

Most farmers spray growth hormones and waxes on their cucumbers to keep them growing strong and from developing plant diseases that can destroy entire crops. This does not make for healthy eating so stick to cucumbers that are all natural and grown with just soil, water and sunshine.

  1. Grapes

Healthy eating is essential for heart health, so snack on organic grapes filled with antioxidants that grow only in vineyards that use strictly dirt, sunshine and water.

  1. Cherries

Cherries are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which make them perfect for healthy eating, but stick too organic, or risk eating ones sprayed with pesticides meant to keep birds and bugs away.

  1. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are great for part of a healthy eating diet since they are packed full of phytonutrients, but buy organic because leafy greens such as spinach, romaine, arugula, and kale have over 45 different pesticides on them.

  1. Sweet Bell Peppers

Green, red, orange and yellow sweet bell peppers when not bought organically contain over 50 different pesticides on them that can cause illness. Bell peppers are usually coated in waxes to in order to help preserve them making them unhealthy to eat.

  1. Tomatoes

When purchasing tomatoes ones that are free from growth hormones, pesticides and waxes are best. This is because the only contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals that nourish and heal the body.

  1. Root Vegetables

Root vegetables sometimes grow in contaminated soil and are sprayed with pesticides to prevent insects from eating them, but this actually causes root vegetables to become filled with toxins. For healthy eating, stick with root vegetables grown organically in toxic free soil grounds.

  1. Squashes

Squashes are typically grown with growth hormones to help them develop into large sizes, but this can cause hormonal imbalances in humans so stick with naturally grown ones. After all, health is about healthy eating, and organic squashes contain nourishing vitamins.

For all of your specialty produce needs, stop by Wild Fields Marketplace today.  We have the best quality and selection of produce to keep you and your family healthy within your budget.


Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Healthy eating is essential for keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. With that said, people stray away from eating organic or natural produce because they are afraid it is too costly, but the truth is you can eat healthy on a budget if you know exactly how to shop for budget friendly health foods. To help you get started with healthy eating use the guide below.

Shop Seasonal Produce for Healthy Eating 

For each fruit and vegetable comes a particular season. Shopping for produce that is in season is a lot cheaper than shopping for produce that is not. For example, when its citrus season, purchase citrus fruits as healthy snacks, and when its stone fruit season go with stone fruits.

Keep in mind, when you are purchasing fruits and vegetables that are not in season, you are paying extra because you are paying for the fuel and packaging costs they need in ordered to get to your local grocery store shelves for sale.

Purchase Whole Foods from local grocers

Produce that is in season in your local area doesn’t have to travel as far and is always healthier and cheaper.  You can shop what is in season by shopping at your local grocery store. Local markets always have freshly picked whole foods that will nourish and heal the body. Some particular whole foods being fruits, vegetables, grass feed cattle meats, honey from bees, fresh herbs, raw milk from goats and cows and homemade yogurts and cheeses. Shopping strictly at your local fresh foods market is a great way to support your community and stick with healthy eating habits too.

Purchase Frozen Produce

Another way to shop for healthy foods is to incorporate frozen produce. Frozen fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store are typically cheaper and will store better and longer since they need to be kept frozen until they are ready to be eaten. Most importantly, you can buy in bulk when it’s on sale and keep it on hand so you are always supplied with foods that nourish and heal the body.

Skip the Processed Foods

Never purchase processed foods when you are trying to eat healthy and stick to a budget. Processed foods are costly and will drive your grocery bill up to dollar amounts that will make your jaw drop. Processed foods are basically everything in the middle aisles of the grocery store that come in endless amounts of packaging or in cans and jars.

Stick with shopping the outer isles and purchasing whole foods to eat, which are foods you have to prepare and cook yourself. Whole foods are fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, beans, seeds and nuts and raw milks and yogurts. With that in mind, always stick with shopping for whole foods that are on sale and planning your weekly meals around that, which will help you stick to a budget.

End Thoughts for Healthy Eating on a Budget

There are many great and beneficial reasons to eat healthy.  It’s not as difficult as you think to stick to a budget either.  Just follow these tips and head to your local market today, your body will thank you!live streaming film Logan 2017 online



Food Labels

Food Labels and What They Mean

The way that your food is grown and produced is important and has everything to do with the quality of the food. The practices incorporated in the production of produce, flowers, and meats affect not only the item itself, but also the surrounding community. There are a multitude of labels to tell you a story about how the food or flowers were grown, what was used, what is in the final product, and how the environment is being affected by production along the way.

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NON GMO Project

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Non GMO food does not contain genetically spliced or altered ingredients and was not subject to engineering. Natural foods that bear this label have gone through verification and testing at accredited laboratories to prove that there is no contamination from genetically modified organisms. The NON GMO Project verifies numerous natural foods available.

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Naturally sourced

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This term refers directly to natural foods. For example, you can get vitamin E that is derived from a synthetic or natural source. Naturally sourced is as simple as it sounds and may be present on the label of natural foods that were not manufactured or artificially produced. There are also many supplements available that contain ingredients that only came from natural sources and were not engineered in a lab.

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Foods that bear this label indicate that the food was produced with healthy practices that are economically viable. Consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and waste management are some of the many positive practices implemented to enhance the social and economic health of the area that produced the product. Sustainable, natural foods offer social benefit and contribute to the prosperity of the local economy.

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Farm -Raised

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This indication refers to fish you see in the marketplace that have been “raised” via aquaculture. The fish are grown in large circular pens with netting all around, submerged in a pond, lake, or salt water. Studies have shown that farm raised fish are more likely to contain chemicals and pollutants. Although there are standards at fish farms, some employ the use of antibiotics, coloring for appearance, and in some cases soy feed.

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The PLU or price lookup code of an organic fruit or vegetable always begins with a 9. This indicates that the food was grown naturally without the use of pesticides or herbicides. This label of natural foods proves the food derives from living matter and is not the product of manufacturing, biotechnology, or chemicals.

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Fair trade

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Fair trade means that producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for natural foods and products. The production of fair trade items contributes to healthy working environments and developing businesses in communities. The revenue received from fair trade products can assist the lives of an entire community.

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Responsibly grown

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This label refers to a color coded system for the flowers and natural foods you buy. The system rates these items according to the farm’s level of; pest management, waste reduction, water conservation, and welfare of the farm workers. The system places food and produce into the categories of good, better, or best, based upon these criteria. Responsibly grown labels are meant to tell the story of how the plant was grown, if chemicals were used, and what kind of chemicals.

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There are a wide variety of labels placed on natural foods that have a variety of meanings. It’s essential to know the meanings on food labels you purchase so that you have more knowledge about the food itself and its production. It’s helpful to review the label types of natural foods so you can make informed decisions in the marketplace.

Certified Organic Foods

The term organic has been thrown around a lot lately, but why is it important to buy organic food and what does it mean? Not to be confused with GMO (Genetically modified organism) it can sometimes be difficult to determine if a food is really organic.  The FDA only requires that it be 95% organic to be labeled organic food.  Be sure to read labels and look for other certifications.

The standards to be certified organic food are very rigorous and include verifying if soil is a certain number of miles from any contaminates in water sources and a list of other requirements.   Your local farmer’s market and natural food stores are your best bet for organic and buying in season is also beneficial.

There are also 12 fruits and vegetables that you should always buy organic.  This list has been determined by data on how people wash and prepare produce.  Think about apples and bananas and if you typically wash or peel them.

When considering whether or not to be organic food, there is a list called the dirty dozen that you should consider.

Buying organic food also helps stop the “colony collapse disorder” that is happening due to pesticide and herbicide use that contaminates groundwater.  Pollinating honeybees are necessary for our food supply so buying or growing organic is good for the bee population and our planet.Despicable Me 3 2017 movie

In January, you will find avocados and Oranges in season in Florida.  Avocados are great on just about anything.  You can use them in Mexican dishes, on chili instead of dairy and mash them into guacamole to eat with chips, and they are a great source of healthy fats.

There are two varieties of oranges, navel and Valencia that are seasonal in January in Florida.  Even though they are not on the list of the dirty dozen, they are a great organic food choice. They provide lots of Vitamin C and can be tossed onto a salad or eaten as a snack.  They are also great for juicing.

With the New Year, people want to eat healthy but they often say that eating healthy and especially organic food is expensive.  That does not have to be true.  Rice and beans are two foods that are loaded with nutrition and are relatively inexpensive, even when you buy organic.  It is much easier to find reasonably priced organic canned beans than just a few years ago.  Brown rice is a great complex carb and when you buy it in bulk you can make a lot of hearty meals that will satisfy your entire family.

Check for certified organic foods, come to Wild Fields and plan your meals around what is seasonal and enjoy the health benefits of eating organic food.